Unique and Luxury Swimwear

 Swimwear is our life, our aim is to create bikinis and swimsuits which every woman will feel like a real BEACH QUEEN – beautiful, confident, attractive and trendy.
FREEZE THE BREEZE  is the beloved project of Antoniya, our founder and designer.
freezethebreeze luxury swimwear
Her yachting background brought her closer to the sea, exploring amazing beaches and luxury lifestyles. However, it is fashion that has always been her biggest passion. She has been studying the trends for many years now, and has also worked as a fashion stylist and personal shopper. Before starting her business she owned around 40 bikinis! She has used these during the research stage, trying to understand what a woman wants in a perfect swimsuit.
All of her experience has come together to allow creating bikinis that enhance women’s natural beauty regardless of body type. All of the models are designed with women who will wear them in mind to make sure they look like and feel like real BEACH QUEENS.
Antoniya really understands women and how we worry about our looks when we are wearing bikinis. This is possibly when we are most vulnerable, showing off our body for everyone to see. With FREEZE THE BREEZE you will feel confident and attractive wherever and whenever you are.
Antoniya follows the fashion tendencies closely, and designs each collection with the latest developments in mind, making sure your look is fashionable and stylish.
She also very carefully selects perfect color combinations to underline the beauty of a woman’s body.  Using several different tones in one piece, for example, will make the belly area look slimmer, creating a beautiful hourglass shape.
At the same time, the flawless cuts will make you look taller, your legs – longer and slimmer, will sculpt the bust and give perfect butt shape. You do not need to worry that you cannot wear high heels at the beach anymore. Even if you have not spent hours working out, your bottom will still look toned and sexy thanks to the shape and cuts of our swimwear.
All the bikinis and one piece suits are easily adjustable. We want to make sure that regardless of your body type and individual proportions our products will fit you well and hug your body ideally, covering what needs to be covered and showing off what you want to show.
Our swimwear is made in Europe, using high quality Italian fabrics – luxurious blends that are very soft and gentle to the skin. Antoniya has spent a lot of time and selected personally the materials we use in production. All our fabrics are made in Italy and combine very high quality with exquisite looks.
So, if you are looking for a perfect bikini or a one-piece swimsuit – luxurious, durable, with perfect fit and up to latest fashion trends – look no more.
Try FREEZE THE BREEZE and become a true BEACH QUEEN !